There’s a ton of historical NDE experiences, some dating back centuries. Their stories are similar to those told in hundreds of books or websites (including mine). Though details vary across, there are many commonalities, including floating upward, viewing the scene of their death; spending time in a different realm, meeting relatives, feeling God, or something like ‘complete love.’ Once all that occurs, the person is told to return to live another day. For many, the person reports the experience was not a dream but “authentic,” changes profoundly post-NDE, and has a hard time returning into everyday life. 

My recent experience is similar, but not totally. Here’s a recap.

Closing my eyes for a moment, I felt feel extremely heavy. Suddenly, I awoke in a light gray surrounding (maybe a room). There was some form of corridor to my left, and some form of entity (man, angel) or spirit stood in front. A bright golden-white light emanated from some hole or doorway some distance behind the spirit. 

The light gave the illusion as though the spirit had a halo. But, maybe due to the light’s effect, the figure seemed to be light gray. And while I see that the light was golden at the entry, it transitioned white after nearing the spirit. The light did not penetrate the spirit, nor did I notice any facial features, including eyes. Glancing past the being, I could see outlines of beautifully radiant faces peering through the corridor. However, I could not decipher who they were. 

The strange part was, is that I felt no fear. No part of me was afraid. I did not feel judged. The light grayish place I was at neither felt like heaven nor hell—neither the light, the faces, nor spirit said a word. There was no music. No gestures to come near, no motions to return. The being did not overtly prevent me from moving toward the lighted corridor. I could have gone into the lighted hall had I wished.

It has taken several days to understand just how long I was there (on the other side). I believe my experience between worlds lasted a minute or two. Yet on this side of the world (our living planet), an hour and twenty-three minutes passed. I continue to sort random packets of information that are coming from still images. Even with that, facts remain elusive. Thinking of it now, It feels rather strange that so much time passed in such an unfamiliar way, but I learned several key lessons.

Lesson One

Most of us will have to account for some horrible things. When I was on that side (between this life and the next), there was no power (though I could see), no smartphones, and no texts. Modern-day tools like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumbler were also obsolete. There was no ability to ‘call a friend,’ have a ‘sidewalk shoutout,’ or ‘poll the audience.’ I stood alone, foundationally set by whatever I had been taught, whatever I did, what I ethically or unethically did, and the totality of life choices. There was no way to tell whether the spirit before would allow passage and, if it did, whether those looking through the opening would welcome me. All I can think of now is, “Did I make enough amends?”

At one point in life, my original Atonement List had twenty-six painful situations requiring amends. (Honestly, there’s a lot more I thought of during the past ten years.) I researched and contacted those I could. In some cases, the outcome was as expected: brutal. Seven refused amends; twelve forgave me. As you stand in front of God’s Angel, God, or even those on the other side of that corridor, you can’t help but think, “Oh S***. It’s real now.” 

Lesson Two

Something we all tend only to imagine was ‘in my face.’ Honestly, I did not see hell. I didn’t see angels in robes of gold. There was just an entranceway at the end of a corridor that maybe led to something bigger, perhaps something better. But walking through that door meant I would probably have to answer for the damage I inflicted. I dared to inflict all that carnage, but do I have the courage to face God and swear for it? Are they [whoever is in the light] going to judge me? Will they welcome what they see? Will I like what I see?

My father had difficulty with post-NDE life, as the words “… you have more to do” haunted him for life. (To this day, my mother wondered if he found it.) NDErs have reported sensitivity to light and sound, becoming more caring, having trouble with timekeeping and finances, feeling unconditional love, and having a strange influence on electrical equipment. My father did have a weird effect on electricity but was always bad at finances and was always sensitive to light as his eyes deteriorated. He never attributed either of the latter two to the NDE. 

The following day, I returned to work as though nothing happened. I knew God was still there, but God was not there for so many others. The Buddhist quote, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. Post-enlightenment, Chop wood and carry water.

Hard Lessons

I don’t believe I have a compelling story. Do I believe something happened as I slept? Yes. And maybe I returned only because I was shaken and thrust back into this life. All of this means is that evidentiary proof is personal. I certainly wouldn’t go on CNNs’ Anderson 360 and say, “I have evidence of life after death.”  

I do not recall floating. Instead, I felt heavy. However, I did see a corridor (or tunnel). A bright light emanated from the end of that tunnel. I could have gone into that light had I chose, but was stopped not by spirit but by someone who cared having physically shaken me. I experienced no shame or judgment, but my life has had many moments of no humiliation or judgment.

Therefore, make your current life experience transforming. You don’t have to wait to get in front of God to reclaim life. You can love unconditionally. You can make a powerful impact on the lives of others. Find those who will physically shake you. Treat each other with love and peace. If you do, you won’t have to explain it to God.