January 19, 2020

Reflecting on news that there’s another tumor. Commenting to God that it appears I might be nearing the end of life.

“No. Only the end of this life.”

January 14, 2020

Lord, in all the world’s fighting and anger, how do You remain ‘true’ to us?

“Through the perseverance of my love.”

And in my daily struggles and my own battles, how can I keep going?

“Through the perseverance of my love.”

January 12, 2020

While visiting a church. I feel so little from the church.

“For most, I am not there.”

But how can I feel you? I am outcast from communion?

“Do I not meet you in meditation and prayer? Then how can you feel alone?”

January 1, 2020

After receiving less than great news from the doctor the day before. Thinking to myself . . . My father said people do not die alone. I wonder if that’s true?

“Yes,” He interrupted.

Smiling. Pondering. Maybe Ms. K. will really be there?


Remaining in my self-absorption . . .

“So will I.”

December 31, 2019

“Breathe ‘in’ me and search my soul for all you need.”

Lord, what do I need?


December 30, 2019

How do I not see my own sins and hide in shame?

“Don’t see sins from natural weakness. The real sin is indifference.”

December 30, 2019

How does one die right?

“When your last thought is love.”

December 30, 2019

Lord, I sit in these meetings and wonder why I’m here.

“I sit in the same meeting and wonder why too.“