After the Catholic Church found no room for me, I believe I found a home meditating and living life as an ‘Unknown Buddhist.” This blog is about my Buddhist journey. As I move from year to year, I will faithfully study Buddhism and live being a Buddhist.

Like all of you, I have had many wonderful times in my life. First of all, I travel quite often for my business and can sympathize with the Ryan Bingham character of “Up In The Air.” I have tasted the morning dew upon the Chijia Mountain, slept under the stars in Huacachina, dove into the warm clear waters of Truk Lagoon, scavenged the famous pink-sand beaches of Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda and once had dinner with a famous actress.

And while I have experienced tremendous beauty, life is a circle and you can never get to the joy if you dare not cry. If one does not have the courage to weep, one simply cannot experience the pain. Thus my personal journey has found me retracing the anti-Apartheid steps in Soweto, suffering tears at ‘Ground Zero,’ holding the hands of tsunami victims passing from this world, writing letters to families of those I supported in Africa and South America and still am haunted by Jeff Buckley’s performance of ‘Hallelujah.’  I have gained a love and suffered deeply from her loss.

I am not so obsessed with what I do not have that I cannot see the value of what has been has been given. The blessings I have received are often hidden in very plain packages. They come wrapped in an evening meal at the kitchen table with loved one, my brother’s children playing hide-and-seek, and excellent film by a great actress or a conversation with a friend. These are earthen vessels that lay claim to my personal treasures.

It doesn’t matter where you been or where you’re at, your religion or faith, your compass, your wisdom and heart bare no reproach. Rather I want your gentle acceptance, guidance, and loving kindness to remind me of what love is really like, to feel safe and lay my heart open, exposing my journey and soul to your inner light.