In 2012, I wrote two letters surrounding the theme titled, ‘Because of You.’ There are many in this world that we owe a great deal of gratitude, whose legacy remains unfulfilled. In fact, Alan Turing once said:

Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”

When I now read this 2012 letter, I think of Joan Clarke’s quote from the movie The Imitation Game.

Do you know, this morning I was on a train that went through a city that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you. I bought a ticket from a man who would likely be dead if it wasn’t for you. I read up, on my work, a whole field of scientific inquiry that only exists because of you. Now, if you wish you could have been normal… I can promise you I do not. The world is an infinitely better place precisely because you weren’t.

In essence, I wrote this letter to my love during a very difficult time in her life, where she questioned herself and her value. Thus, this letter is the first of two. It’s for those who think they are alone, unworthy, or ripped apart.

Dear Ms. J.:

Upon entering a Pomona, California church for some quiet prayer, I became a witness to a Bible study group reading Mathew 10:34.

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send [or bring] peace, but a sword.”

After reading, the leader stated, “Relationships will be ripped apart, but life in Christ will be found.” I found this to be a harsh example of living Christlike. Since 2010, my walk has focused on finding the kingdom of peace within all. And that same very kingdom within us is also outside us.

In all my walks, I’ve never found Christ to be ripping people at the seams. Sadly, I’ve only seen people rip each other at the seams.

Therefore, just as Christ is unique, so are you. You are divinely created. You are divinely loved. Therefore, the same power of agape love is equally available to both you and I. And likewise, we nourish each other just as much as we nourish God, just as much as God nourishes us.

Because of you, I can do something more than show up. Because of you, I live in dignity, filled with purpose and love. Because of you, I no longer ask God for permission to be in His company, for you are God in love and peace. Because of you I’m not afraid to be me, to be the person I was always meant to be. Because of you, I no longer doubt.

Love is understanding. It’s not a physical transformation, it’s an inner transformation. You are the water in my life. Your love is my water. You always find a way, always. It doesn’t matter if the solution is immediately visible to you or not, God finds a way – just as water — it may cut through, circumvent,