Mt PenceSitting solitarily, I am in awe of the mountains before me. Mount Pence, Mount Judge and Squaw Mountain decorate my horizon. I capture their breath, their love and clemency. I am washed anew in radiance and once again can see the embers of my soul.

Rūmī wrote,There are as many paths to god, as there are souls on the earth.”  Dare another to say only one! No, I shudder! Like St Gemma Galgani, love penetrates my body with fury and I reflect upon Thomas Traherne’s opine, “You never enjoy the world aright, till you see how a sand exhibitith the wisdom and power of God and prize in everything.”

Here in these heavens, these mountains, this glorious work, where fire consumes the sky and one can grasp remnant limestone to sift away the course for truer refinement, the inner solace.

All those of my life are before me. I am here as are they. Yet this simple moment, kingdoms of love bombard and penetrate the illusion of being. Here in this chapel, life flows throughout the vein, the heart beats and I bathe in the profound light of grace. Grace and love are the ultimate authority of life.

Meditate on Karuṇā (compassion) and be blessed by that who crushes the pain of others. Heed the call of that which soothes the rock; of that which culls the chaff and listen to soft whispers love born of every thought. You … yes you … are adored. You … yes you … are loved.

Sit momentarily in your favorite spot. Concentrate on the love which courses through you. Allow that love to pour out to all in the universe.