130520__OK_tornado_2aWhen nature strikes, a time of need and pain is created. None seem spared.  When homes are destroyed, the rich and poor, black or white, heterosexual, homosexual, the famous and poor are quickly normalized.

Do why do bad things happen to good people? Why do events like those in Oklahoma City occur? Why did the God so many loved, kill children who have yet to reach the pinnacle of life? Why? Why?

“Hell if I know?”

There is burning sentiment deep within me that screams all of this is wrong.  To my own miserable self, I’m embarrassed for my lack of words. I do not concur with those who seemingly look at Oklahoma City’s events and claim that an unchangeable God will embrace this. I certainly did not find such comfort when a truck filled with explosives downed the Murrah Federal Building.

Maybe question is how are we to react? How can I respond and help those in need?” Our hope is the anchor that lies within.

Mother nature is complex. And in that complexity, our human nature, our anchor is the foundation of life and love. Overcoming Mother Nature’s and life complexities by assisting each other; by loving one another; by being the Good Samaritan on the road of life is what both Buddha and Christ want.

Helping those in need is not only the call of humanity; it is the call of that who is greater than I.

Here’s how to assist those in Oklahoma.