DaisiesWalking Leadville’s Mineral Belt Trail, I found a lone Mountain Daisy flower bed, sprouting life against impossible odds.

I briefly thought of Buddha’s alleged flower sermon. In the story, the Buddha raises a single white flower and communicated the ineffable nature of anything at one particular moment. In essence, “…life is simply but a moment in this world” and the reality is to live in the present awareness of each moment.

In truth, that’s really hard to do. Still, I found a doorway into this single moment, where the past was past and the future has yet to unfold. And simply, I found myself, the daisy, the sky and the quiet solitude harmonized for this one moment, this present moment. There wasn’t a chorus of angles, a lone voice or whisper. Rather, the simplicity was each participant was duly aware of the other.

The flower bowed to me in the gentle breeze. The sky highlighted the world via an array of blue hues.  The canvass was I and this unknown painter danced its brushstrokes of love upon my very being. The moment was simple, gentle and powerful.

Every day we are engaged in a miracle. Each of us is a miracle of moments filled with life, love and homily. We can bow in gentle breezes or hurriedly rush past without faint recognition. We can be curious, we can be love or we can simply be.

Take time each day to be in the moment. Recognize that the miracle of life is each of us being and living in every moment. Be in harmony with all that surrounds you and find the miracle of life.