Through mid-May, over $21,000 of cancer medical tests were completed. The statistics took me by surprise. “Hell, it’s only May.” I quipped. “There are seven more months left in the year. And that’s without any treatment.” My HSA account has withered from $2,500.00 to $863.00. That means I must decide what medical treatments will not be performed this year. More than likely, that scheduled eye exam and glasses are out of the question. Dental cleaning and tooth crown are out as well. Should I have neck fusion, lumbar fusion, or no fusion? If I choose fusion, should I postpone the cancer treatment? Installation of new brakes for my car? No. The nephew’s wedding gift budget gets decreased. New clothes? No, not this year. Trips to Wrigley Field? Out of the question. Am I thinking about buying lunch at the cafeteria? Nope. Want to see that new movie? No, not an option. When experiencing such significant cancer expenses, everything decreases, including cable, cell phone service plans, gym memberships, groceries, and other incidentals.

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