A little past 6;12 PM, an Information Technology administrator and I exited the westside Chicago hospital. “Care for a drink?” 

I nodded enthusiastically. 

“I warn you; we have to get past some I.E.D.’s.” He wasn’t referencing the military term ‘I.E.D.’ (improvised explosive device). Instead, his version meant snaking our way through anti-vaxxer protests taking a few hospitals by surprise. “They’ll claim free choice,” pointing toward a small but vocal crowd, “but by blocking emergency services, people who require critical life-saving services are blocked from receiving it.” A ‘contradiction of theology,’ he noted. “One of them [unvaccinated and infected] might breathe in your face and ‘BOOM,’ you’re dead.” Some protests get weird.

An Alabama man approached a Missouri hospital administrator and handed papers accusing the administrator of “crimes against humanity.” Then, that Alabama man, Christopher Key, supposedly led supporters into a Missouri Walmart and claimed pharmacists might be hanged for administering the Covid vaccine. As healthcare professionals struggle to respond to an ever-changing enemy (variants), protestors rally against any notion of mask mandate, claiming by an far, a ‘free will’ or ‘personal choice’ philosophy.’ Protestor motivation range from political, religious, or blind faith (or obedience without thought ) in the most current version of the QAnon conspiracy. It’s a ‘shit-show I’ve seen on a bi-weekly basis.

The ‘shit-show is full of contradictions. As one anti-vaxxer said to me, vaccination is a personal choice [apparently regardless of Jesus’ proclamation that ‘Thou shall not kill.’] This is similar to saying ‘the willingness to infect another, to the point where someone dies, ‘is ok.’ Yet, abortion is not ok. How do such opposing contradictions occur? Yet, such contradictions arise every day. Contradictions start with leadership.

First, the 2020 election: Trump really, really, really, won a second term, somehow. Second, Voting in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania can’t be trusted. Why? Well, because Trump really, really, really, won a second term. Really, he did. Third, Rep. Andrew S. Clyde (R-Ga.), who was pictured barricading doors on January 6th, noted the Capital the breaching of the building like a “normal tourist visit.” So, how do these examples impact the shit show?

On March 22nd, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci told a television audience that the country needs to hunker down more than we are doing. The immediate tweet by the president was, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. As a result, through yesterday, over 677,000 U.S. citizens have died. Many more will join them. What healthcare clinicians understand that few anti-vaxxers do not is that COVID doesn’t respond to rhetoric. COVID enjoys contradictions. This mentality is why it’s pathetic that the 70-year-old Texas lieutenant governor stated older folks should be willing to die from COVID’s than imperil the economy. Should there now be a constitutional amendment proclaiming a “right to infect?”

Nowhere in the Bible can I find the phrase, ‘Thou shall not kill the economy.’ Nor does it say, ‘Thou shall not kill via abortion, but killing via COVID is ok.’ The consequences of ‘stupidity’ are being felt by the people violating humanity because COVID doesn’t give a shit about the Bible. Yet, just like the G.O.P., religious zealots have taken over the church, for it is rife with bad theology. And, any theology not rooted in love and safe dynamics is terrible theology. But seemingly, the sixth commandment, “Thou shall not kill,” only applies to abortion.

In the end, COVID deaths are the direct result of willful public events. When a death occurs, the sixth commandment is violated. One person in the I.E.D. line stated, “The blood of Jesus covers me.” Yeah, but let me ask, “Are believers who perished from COVID-19 somehow not? “The blood of Christ might cover you, but you might be likely also to be covered by COVID. As I walked through protesters, I reflected upon a country with seemingly well-educated people who act so irrationally. We work against our interest, against science, and the lessons of history. We ignore God’s grace of scientific knowledge and embrace Internet conspiracy theories, including hydroxychloroquine, bleach, and ivermectin.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when one’s refusal to wear a mask or get vaccinated results in others getting COVID-19 denies others their fundamental right to life. To do such; to participate in such an action is now considered ‘freedom.’ Maybe we need Moses to come back to earth and edit the sixth commandment, “Thou shall not kill, including by spreading infectious diseases when thou can avoid doing so.” But then, anti-vaxxers and Fox news will likely state, “Fake news.”