the alleyFor the last several posts, I’ve taken a broad, sometimes sarcastic swipe at politician’s who’ve claimed that God has called them to run for office. As such, a reader wrote a private email requesting my thoughts of what true servant leadership should be.

To preface, I found many people who feel the large gap between what they expect from their Christian candidates and what’s received. We’re fed a steady diet of Biblical principles, heart-felt conversational stories, endless legalistic Biblical push button rules that secularize and polarize, while promising to return the country to the state that God loves. In reality, the candidates never had a deep God-centered relationship Him, never felt Him or experienced the kind of agape love Christ exhibited.

While Donald Trump claims to have never been called by God, he labeled Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) as “not a war hero;” that Bush didn’t have the IQ [to be president]; that Bush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife; that if Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?; that Lindsey Graham was a total lightweight.

As for Mexican citizens, Trump noted “They’re sending people that have lots of drugs, crime are rapists and some, he assumed, are good people.” And of course Muslims and Mexicans won’t be allowed into the United States.

Ted Cruz finally disavowed merchandise designed by the overtly racist artist Sabo. Cruz’s campaign pulled the designs, once featured on posters, buttons, and t-shirts, not long after an online liberal talk show, The Young Turks, aired a segment calling accusing Sabo of being a racist. Sabo publicly disparaged “blacks,” “New Mexicans (residents from New Mexico),” Syrians and repeatedly made reference to harming President Obama. Cruz campaign also suggested GOP candidate Ben Carson might be leaving the presidential race, drawing the lasting ire of the neurosurgeon.

Rubio has his own issues. He stated President Obama has no class. News media widely reported the senator’s “imprudent” financial decisions over 15 years, including his “penchant to spend heavily on luxury items” like an $80,000 speedboat; his “inattentive accounting” with local government fees; his “unwise” decision to liquidate a retirement account; and his questionable move to use a Republican credit card for personal expenses. His Tallahassee home nearly ended in foreclosure before finally being sold.

The coup de gras went to Ben Carson. Citing Obama’s time spent in Indonesia as a child, Carson said it is “a stretch” for Obama to say he identifies with the experience of African-Americans growing up in the United States. “He’s an ‘African’ American. He was, you know, raised white,” Carson said. If I summarize Carson correctly, Obama isn’t black enough.

From my perspective, the God of faith and agape love got lost? Or if this is there God, then I would not want to be in their version of heaven.

In his song Take Me Top The Alley, Gregory Porter embraces the beauty every one should demonstrate. Take Me To The Alley reflects what Christ does upon His return.

They will be surprised

When they hear Him (Christ) say

Take me to the alley

Take me to the afflicted ones

Take me to the lonely ones

That somehow lost their way

Let them hear me say

I am your friend

Come to my table

Rest here in my arms

You have party

Rest here, rest here

Take me to the alley

I want a candidate to Take Me To The Alley. Together, let’s find those who feel alone and convince them they’re not.

Take me to the alley.