House of Many RoomsThe husband of a dear friend of mine has an aggressive form of cancer. Thus, sometimes our conversations focus’ upon the inevitable trip from cancer to heaven. What’s heaven really like? What’s heaven really all about?

If I had the chance to relive any of those conversations I would say heaven is not so much a destination as it is love.

People whom are closet are the ones who love us deeply. And I know all of us, without exception, could use more time here on earth, but I believe we are very beautiful people; that we are destined to learn how to treat one another better. Once we learn that, we move forward. And the very people we are introduced too are teachers, yet during life we find ourselves both teacher and student.

Life is not about getting an award, getting applause. It’s about contributing to others. I never tire of hearing thoughts of someone’s lessons learned, regardless of how painful they are. Yet I remind everyone that regardless of what lay in heaven, each of us must concentrate on this day, this journey, this moment and this life. We all can plan ahead … but we’re forced to live today.

So I challenge each of you. Do we ever say much that’s nice? Do we ever give others our time, a time of real emotions and love. What do we do for others? When you die, who will attest to your life? And whom will attest to mine?

From a personal viewpoint, others have made some of the finest golden footprints in life. I have little to show. How many times have I uttered, “Hey! I love you.” What have I given to others? What have you given to another?

All of you who read this are all precious and loved. Everything we do matters to someone. But remember, you can’t save everyone. More than likely, God put you here to ‘be present’ in their journey of life, including success, hard times, laughter, sorrow, birth and death.

So to all who’ve seen heaven, “Is it a must see to believe dwelling?” John 14:2 states Christ exclaimed, “In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” Maybe we need to understand is that the place Jesus prepares is more relationship oriented than a specifically a home. It is these relationships that free us from the selfishness which blocks us from God and each other. God resides within a deep, intimate and abiding relationship. That’s where He wants us to live and love.

We always seem to get lost in the home. And it was never really about the home, i.e., the structure. What makes a home is the loving relationships existing within. I don’t believe Jesus is interested in finding us a building, complete with sofa, stove, toilet and front yard. He wants us to find the specific space in our life to create the same love He has in union with the Father and Holly Spirit.

Borrowing from the Kung Fu series, we are all wanderers in a sometimes-trackless land. Yet all of us can find that which is sought, and more. There’s also something of rare value for the one who shared his journey. Could you risk the loss of such a benefit?

Real heaven is living in Holy Communion with the spirit of love. Why can’t we do this here on earth as it is done in heaven?