Saturday I opened a map, picked Cape Charles, VA and headed south on US 13. As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 1,134 people, 536 households, and 278 families residing in town. And upon visiting there, this is truly one lonely town. I somehow expected more.

The beach area was gorgeous and the white sandy beaches are tremendously beautiful.

Not that I paid attention during geology class, but no one would know that a meteorite hit this are some 35 million years ago.

The Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater looks like an upside-down sombrero, with an upturned outer rim, a trough and then a high peak in the center. Accordingly, this has been termed a ‘complex crater,’ as opposed to a simple bowl shaped crater. The crater’s shape was affected by the meteorite landing in the water. The space debris penetrated through several hundred feet of ocean water and a couple thousand feet of the ocean floor to create a crater 56 miles in diameter.

I bailed on Cape Charles, heading back north. The only local joint I could find to eat was ‘Tammy and Johnny’s,’ a local hamburger joint in Melfa, VA. The size and very nature of the place, I figured this had all the makings of great burger and fry joint.

Sorry to say, I was wrong. The place was as almost as hot inside as outside, with numerous ‘flies’ and uncontrolled kids flying around. Table tops were not cleaned, yet the lines backed up out the door. Restrooms? … Outside.

The cheeseburger … eh’ ok!

Fries … better than the cheese burger.

So … if you’re in the area, “skip it.”