As a frequent traveler, I often wind up in some rather strange places.  And if there were ever a strange place for a Buddhist, it would be ‘Hooters.’ However, this very afternoon, I stumbled into the local Hooters at the Ocean Gateway, Ocean Beach, MD location. And there for lunch, I met ‘Nicole,’ a wonderful waitress and aspiring Public Relations/Marketing guru.

Through the years of travel, there has always been an uneasy dance between server and customer. Probably more so at Hooters since almost everyone pins an overt, but undisclosed, sexuality to the business.  In truth, there can simply be an enormous amount of discomfort involved between general discussions and relationships. And we, as customers, are afraid of being hurt, disappointed, overtaxed, ignored and incorrectly perceived hostile. The interesting part is that all these things can happen. Yet, while these incidents are often discussed, they are hardly representative.

Nicole was exceptional. Her personality and heart for me as a customer provided the type of dialogue only received with friends. She’s wasn’t simply a waitress or an employee, Nicole is an exceptional employee rarely seen in this industry.  She provided total dedication and commitment and treated everyone to the same high standard of service whether it was for me or other patrons. She had a wonderful sense of humor, enthusiasm and energy levels beyond most. She is truly is a credit to your restaurant and fully epitomizes what 5 star service is about.

As we all know people who work in the travel, hospitality and restaurant industries tend to work extremely long hours and often for not a great deal of pay so a letter of thanks from a wayward traveler like me may be so rewarding. Not only that, by acknowledging the importance of the her work, it will ensure that everyone on the Hooters team will continue to strive to even exceed the high standards of service.

Way to go Nicole. Way to go Hooters!