Last night Allen, TX officials held a ‘Prayer Shit Show‘ where several authoritiues repeatedly stumbled over themeselves to offer prayers and thank first responders. It’s an appallingly familiar plotline. Texas Representative Jeff Leach (R-Distract 67) had more prayer flowing from his lips than a used car salesman selling Yugos. “Tomorrow will be a great night of healing, a much needed night of healing and hope,” Leach said. Really? Everything will be healed May 7th? Bullshit Jeff. As political leaders stumbled, in the backdrop, were news outlets who parachuted into Allen, TX to record the gore, profusely utter dismay, and record the faces of emotionally shattered shoppers to ask how they feel.

While watching the ‘Prayer Shit Show,’ I remembered responding to a blog reader earlier in the day asking why I didn’t post more about gun shootings or gun conrol. I answered by apologizing for not responding sooner due to illness. Within an hour of my response, CNN, MSNBC, and other news agencies began reporting the Allen, TX shooting: eight victims dead (not including the shooter) and many injuried. What I didn’t say is more telling: I could write about mass shootings daily.

As of May 6th, there has been one mass shooting nearly every day this week, including Bossie City, LA; Lake Wales, FL; Stone Mountain, GA; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Vicksburg, MS; Natchez, MS; St. Louis, MO; Ocean Springs, MS; Columbus, OH; Chico, CA; and now Allen, TX. And in broader terms, ABCNews reported over 13,900 people were killed in gun violence thus far in 2023, nearly half by suicide. The Gun Violence Archive tracks all 2023 gun deaths. (I remind you, it is only May). The Archive’s map appears as follows:

The attack in Allen is one of at least 199 mass shootings in the US this year in which four or more people have been shot, excluding a gunman. So, this begs the question: What are we going to do about it? The same nonsense pours from politicians, including in Allen, Texas’ post-shooting. 

  • Rep. Keith Self gave the typical GOP badge of courage to the nation. “We are devestated by the tragic news of the shootings that took place at the Allen Premium Outlets today. Our prayers are with the victims and their families and all law enforcement on the scene.”
  • “Our hearts are with the people of Allen, Texas, tonight during this unspeakable tragedy,” said Governor Abbott. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked for prayers for the families and friends of the victims.
  • Candidate Allred also offered his prayer for all impacted. 
  • Ted Cruz Heidi is praying for the families of the victims, and he is also praying for the broader Collin County community that’s in shock from this tragedy.
  • Jeff Leach, R-Plano, representing the mall’s district, said to avoid the area. “Please pray for all those involved and affected,” Leach said.

Unfortunately for Texas, the Texas Legislature is currently in the home stretch of its legislative session, weeding out those bad, bad, bad LGBTQ people, dismantling diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, book bans, and authorizing the state to toss out elections (in the two most populous counties). 

And oh, lest we forget, State lawmakers have rejected dozens of bills that would have prevented people from legally obtaining weapons used in many mass shootings. Instead, they’ve made it easier for residents to get guns and more challenging for local governments to regulate them. Per ProRepublica (Feb. 2023):

“… in the past six decades, the state has experienced at least 19 mass shootings that have killed nearly 200 people and wounded more than 230 others. Yet state [Taxas] leaders have repeatedly batted away measures limiting access to guns, opting instead to ease restrictions on publicly carrying them while making it harder for local governments to regulate them.

An analysis by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune of hundreds of bills filed in the Texas Legislature over nearly the past six decades found that at least two dozen measures would have prevented people from legally obtaining the weapons, including assault rifles and large-capacity magazines, used in seven of the state’s mass shootings.”

In response to CNNs’ coverage of Allen, TX, Texas lawmaker Rep. Keith Self says critics of prayer as shooting response “… are people that don’t believe in an almighty God. Well, those are people that don’t believe in an almighty God who is absolutely in control of our lives. I’m a Christian. I believe that he is.” To that Mr. Self, I proclaim your prayer is a mockery of faith. So, Mr. Self, fuck you. And to all the Texas politicians who claim the best they can do is ‘pray’ followed by instant healing: Go to hell.

The God I know does not believe in you and neither do the eight (8) victims.

America, do something!