When you are a walking medical wonder, you tend to take every day as an adventure. Some days will suck; other days do not. I don’t wallow in pain. Most never know I have a specific medical issue, let alone a sandlot’s worth. Flippant of medical problems plaguing my body, I placed a ‘GoFundMe’ request that would allow me to hike both the Appalachian Trail and Continental Divide Trail in consecutive years.

After watching ‘A Walk in the Woods’ and ‘Wild’, I was convinced many would contribute to a self-imposed work sabbatical, fund my opportunity to hike both trails, and allow me the opportunity to write books or articles. A teeny-weeny part even envisioned a blockbuster movie deal. Sixty days later and zero donations, I realized many considered my request akin to the ‘Powerball Reimbursement Fund’ or ‘Let’s Buy The Loin’s’ [as in Detroit Loins]. Having no desire to purchase an NFL team, I do think of those who did something similar.

Sometimes as I stare at the stars and dream of travel vagabonds, past and present. According to her bio, Alexandria Tejas started living in her car in 2013, traveled, and posted YouTube videos. Ms. Texas suffered van breakdowns and debt but has seen sights few would achieve. Tejas’ last video was some time ago. There’s Greta, the 22-year-old Italian with a passion for travel and filming. Maybe COVID curtailed her ability to travel in 2020 and now hangs out, waiting to become re-inspired. I wonder where such vagabonds are, and whether could, one day, return to the open road.

My case manager asked what my dream was? “Why doe we always think about dreams when we’re terminal? Why don’t we when alive? “Hmm,” I muttered. “What is my dream? And have I been ‘called’ to that dream?” I reiterated an updated version of my dream. No longer ‘called’ to walk either the Appalachian Trail and Continental Divide Trail, maybe I can live to retirement and drive it. “I will hop into my GMC Sierra with an Airstream Flying Cloud in tow and go. I would travel, write, and go. I dream of ‘go.’ I dream of wonder. I dream of open spaces. I dream.”

‘Just go’ has been percolating in my mind for years. When I was diagnosed as ‘terminal’ in early 2019, that was my dream. Now, with achy bones, stiff knees, leg spasms, painful back, and a heart that wants to quit, I wonder if such goals can be realized. I wonder if I can pushback against aging (maybe even death) and live other adventures.

I thirst for ‘go.’ I want knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. I wish to become nature’s [God’s] student. I want to become a sponge. I still want to soak up everything I can see. I want limitless freedom of being ‘not terminal.’ I want connections others can’t see. As a result, I want to cement this knowledge by generously sharing it with others.

And your dream is?