PetersonAccording to Sports Illustrated, from Jan. 1, 2012, to Sept. 11, 2014, 31 NFL players were arrested on charges involving domestic violence, battery, assault and murder. In the last two calendar years, at least 14 of those players were arrested for violence against women. Minus Baltimore’s Rice, the following arrests occurred in 2014.

1. Philadelphia Eagles safety Keelan Johnson was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

2. San Francisco 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald was arrested on domestic violence.

3. Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested for threats and assaulting his former girlfriend. While convicted, Hardy was placed on probation.

4. Chicago Bears wide receiver Josh Morgan was arrested on simple assault.

5. Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Jah Reid was arrested on misdemeanor battery outside a strip club.

All of the players listed remain unpunished by the National Football League.

Late today, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was indicted in Houston, Texas. News outlets reported Peterson was indicted in Montgomery County for reckless or negligent injury to a child. The incident in question reportedly stems from “disciplining of a son with a switch.” Accordingly, the Montgomery County, Texas, grand jury issued a warrant for Peterson’s arrest. The team deactivated him for Sunday’s home game against the Patriots.

As a result of the above, one blogger wrote, “I have to change the name of my fantasy team to ‘Convicts.’

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