Dear Wall Street was exceptional.

Deconstructing Myths

(Photo credit: Ahmad Nawawi) (Photo credit: Ahmad Nawawi)

I am writing this letter to get some things off my chest that have been, frankly, bothering me for some time now. Ever since this pesky Occupy brouhaha reared it’s ugly head, it seems that Americans have been garnering for themselves a reputation for rampant churlishness. Rather than continuing to deify the mostly white dudes who have helped to further this country’s proud tradition of free market (crony) capitalism and self made men (robber barons), there are apparently some tremors of discontent roiling the bubbling fondue pot known as the American gen pop. We have become like a throng of Iraqi nitpickers who refuse to greet our liberators with flowers and baba ghanoush. Rather than camping out in public spaces designated as free speech zones by the U.S. Constitution, we should have been erecting statues of Lloyd “doing God’s work” Blankfein…

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