This is a wonderful and beautiful written piece from the heart. Your comment, “I am no teacher and I have no real students; so perhaps we don’t need to take any of the above seriously” is striking because I believe each of us is a teacher and a student. We learn from the people we meet and we teach to those whom we meet.

Per the Buddhist Proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” All of us are teachers and all of us are students.

Well done my friend.

Christopher Kabamba

In those unguarded moments when the ego takes over my sanity, I like to imagine myself as some sort of teacher, a near master. Students, young and old stand before me and pick my mind on a number of matters concerning this life. This past weekend, my imaginary students wanted to get my views on the small matter of talent.


When people talk about talent, they are normally referring to the supposedly innate abilities, propensities or advantages that people are supposedly born with, especially in relation to particular skills or works of art. It is very common to hear people refer to a person with highly developed skills as a “talented” person and one with little or no developed skills as “untalented”.

The thing is that for the majority of people, there is a point in our lives when we don’t can’t really say whether or not we are…

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