unite-againstWhat can Paula Deen learn from Edward Snowden, Tim Tebow and Chad Ochocinco? Frist circus’ are for clowns; and secondly, most adults hate the circus.  Bill Maher maintains that Deen shouldn’t have been fired, because it’s a “ … free country, even to be an asshole.” Technically Mr. Maher is correct, but most become significantly offended by assholes.

But let’s face it, many of us mess up. And we do it every day.

In a hate filled video ironically titled “Rated T for Tolerance,” ApoIogetics:

I’m not here to rally against that which the government legislates, I simply don’t support a mind that is reprobate. Homosexuality is not innate. It is not a genetic trait. It cannot replicate the love between a man and a woman in which God did indeed create.

T For Tolerance” uses many stereotypes about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities, while insisting that all gay people are going to hell.  Gee, just makes one feel all warm inside. Ok, pardon the pun. Secondly, I am not sure the author understands the word tolerance. Third, if this is your version of heaven or hell, I will stay Buddhist.

All of Deen’s troubles remind me of former UCLA Student Alexandria Wallace racist rant on Asians using their phone in the library. Unfortunately for her, the video went viral.  (However, Jimmy Wong created a wonderful response.)

The problem for Deen, Snowden and others like them is they tend to cast themselves as victims rather than a perpetrator.  In fact, Deen’s sons called racism charges ‘extortion.‘ The sad fact for Deen, Tebow, Snowden, Wallce, and the ignorant woman of “Rated T for Tolerance” and others is that Internet will follow their living days. As such, most employers or places of higher learning severely frown upon circus’ and tend not to be impressed.  If you become a one-person circus show, you tend to get few quality interviews.

As a Buddhist, I believe redemption is possible. But just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Redemption takes time – much more than an apology or “I is What I is.”   Instead, what Ms. Deen, as well as all of us, must continue to learn the deep lessons of racism clearly missed.  Read of Mandela’s journey; understand what Dr. Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers and many Civil Rights proponents across the globe are really about.

For those of us living in America, live past the racism of the South.