imageSitting in the hotel lounge, I sip ice tea and marvel at basketball legends and gladiators throwing themselves unto battle – game 7 between the Pacers and Heat, a perfect example of interconnectedness.

Interconnectedness, a term meaning “continuous movement” and here in this room, on this night, we all connected in basketball’s cyclic existence, a paramour, of life and death, birth and rebirth.

Like life itself, we are interconnected and live in the present moment. Here in this darkened lounge, in radios, chat rooms, and home television millions of people are connected at this very moment to ten great warriors racing from one end of the court to another. We live and breath with each play; we live and die with every shot, we pray, salud, cry, hope and inspire.

This is an amazing event, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Taoists and Atheists alike, large or small, rich or poor, strong or weak are this very moment, interconnected. Regardless of faith, regardless of life’s circumstances, all join our universal brethren, being in the moment and share ourselves, if for only a moment with the surrounding world.

Regardless of belief, interconnect with others daily. Employers connect to employees. Consumers trek to our favorite stores, stadiums, theaters, restaurants, interstates. Many gather at our employer and connect with cowrokers. We pray over rosary, meditate, gather for births, honor our fallen and celebrate anniversaries. Like those before us, stand together to defend our country, provide relief to the homeless, honor our soldiers, volunteer in disasters.

The One unifying body of the living Christ and the interconnectedness of the living Buddha are among us all. Regardless of our race or creed, interconnection is everywhere. It is our life.