everythingiskungfu1While randomly channel surfing today, I stumbled upon the ‘New Karate Kid’ for the fifteenth or so time. There, in the thicket of training his apprentice, Mr. Han quoted:

Kung Fu lives in everything we do! It lives in how we put on the jacket, how we take off the jacket. It lives in how we treat people. Everything is Kung Fu.”

Seriously, as a practicing Buddhist for many years, it was the first time I really absorbed the quote. In truth, the quote has broader implications. This is about the soul’s inner spirit, it’s about how we eat, live and love … Kung fu actually means ‘skill.’ In order for us to survive, we must master everything we do.

In true form, if you are Christian, then Christ is in all things, just as Christ is in you. If you are Buddhist, then the spirit of love and Buddhism is in all things, just as the spirit of love is in you.

I have commented upon the ‘Butterfly Effect’ several times.  In truth, if our love is in everything we do, then everything is loved. If our hatred is in everything we do, then all things are hated. If we wish to seek the spirit of Christ, then Christ’s love must be present in everything we do and say. If we wish to experience enlightenment, then the spirit of Buddha must be present in everything we do.

Love is in everything, at every moment of each day. It involves our lovers, our coworkers, the waitress, the guy or gal at K-mart, even the guy who shines our shoes. There is no magic elixir that can give us all life’s answers. There is, however, only one basic principle – love. No matter what happens, no matter what our faith is or is not … we are all bound together. May it be bound in ‘Love.’

Maybe for 2013, we should live that instead of our independency.