To find our way through the long and lonely nights, we all require a compass, that one pivotal thing that allows us to see ‘True North.’

From a personal perspective, all of us need a ‘True North,’ a way to orient our lives to a higher power other than ourselves.  There are so many things that have tremendous calling power on our decisions and we constantly fight for our minds, hearts and body. Like a ship at sea, all of us can easily be strewn here or there, even upon life’s most difficult rocks.  We can become beaten down until we drown or are cast over the proverbial edge.

Is there anything that provides us guidance? From a Biblical perspective, Matthew 22:37 phrases it this way:

You shall love the Lord God with all your heart all your mind and all your body.”

This means there can only be one ‘True North.’  Alright, sounds easy enough, but do we only do what God asks or do we do only that which the world requires? Do all of us who claim a faith in a higher power ask ourselves “Is what I’m doing of God or Mammon? Of selfishness or heart? From Love or from weakness?”

To all who love conditionally, there is a higher power. It’s not you. For all who struggle, that higher power is ‘Love.’ True love is the higher power. It’s not your father, your mother, brother, sister or lover, it’s always been something greater. This higher power of love always stays true and will always help you stay true.

When down and out, we must reach for that something wiser and clearer than the chemical reactions of our own brain.  It’s that truth, the one person, that one form of love that’s willing to sacrifice its life for you, to give it all up for you. It is that love to which you are called to grab onto and hold. That form of love transcends the swirling emotions, goes beyond the chemical reaction, reaches deeper into your heart and states, “I am the way.” That form of love is your guide, your leader and soul mate.

And this higher power of love willingly restores us to our sanity, allows us to be led, allows the deep inner healer we all search and deserve. Reach through all the crap and crud, open the door of your heart and allow this love to lead you, to believe in you, free you and transform you.

As a Buddhist there is another path. It’s a path that rises far above and beyond arguments, divisiveness, hatred and selfishness. It starts with learning how to be a good human being, learning how to live with loving-kindness, respect and harmony for all of creation. There is an essential radiance that permeates and supports my existence. Some would simply call that radiance God, or and aspect of God, but it is not the name that matters. What really matters is that we allow this glorious purity, regardless of what we call it, to manifest in our lives as compassion and loving-kindness. That is our true nature, and that is our highest calling.

Find this true inner life of love and follow it.