In a recent article Tim Tebow trademarks ‘Tebowing’, Doug Ferrar commented:

… the first time we’re aware that a player in any sport has looked to slap a trademark on an on-field celebration. New York Jets quarterback/running back/marquee punt protector Tim Tebow might insist that his bow-down gesture, commonly known as “Tebowing,” is more meaningful (and profitable) than a spike or sack dance, and he’s set some legal effect behind that notion.”

Tebowing is a neologism for the act of kneeling on one knee in prayer with one’s head resting on one’s fist. It is derived from Tebow’s propensity for kneeling and praying. In short, he patented that puppy.

All of us need to give Tebow his due. He wrote a national bestselling book, has own Tim Tebow page on Amazon and his foundation is building a hospital in the Philippines. In lieu of that, all this acknowledgement comes from a quarterback whose last year in Denver accumulated a whopping 29.91% ‘Quarterback Rating’ – meaning he sucked. And this year’s numbers remain unspectacular as well, thrown only three (3) passes thus far this year, with one sack.

So, I admit, I’ve never read his book or much less cared about his foundation. But when I think of all this, I find it messy. Nowhere in the Bible have I ever read “… due to current trademarks, if you want to nail yourself to a cross, walk the passion, heal the sick, turn wine into water, you must pay a cherma or dēnarius.”  Yet Tebow seems to almost unknowingly quote Mark 12:17, silently inferring:

I want you to love Christ, pray to Christ and be alive in Christ. But dang nabbit, if you pray my way, you’re gonna pay.  Whether it be 10₵, 25₵, or 75₵, you’re going t pay.

Writer Julia Goralka phrased the problem well:

If Tebow can trademark the pose of praying with his fist on his forehead, can the Catholic church trademark the “praying hands” pose? If Muslims trademark the traditional poses that coincide with their daily prayer obligations, the yoga instructor at your local gym may be in trouble. Is the term “Buddha belly” indicative of religious affiliation or beer consumption? Or in our case, just a chubby baby?

Maybe we just need to change Mark 12:17 now and save us the trouble:

Give unto Tebow what is Tebow and to God what is God’s. And they were amazed at him.