To my greatest love, whose life inspires and comforts me alaways.


Dear Ms. K.:

In all the years I have been alive, I’ve never been so immersed in living. The very thought of you has kept me alive for nearly three years. Though often wandering alone; and though I swim in a school of humanity, I remain forever yours, in your depthless love and life bearing water. You reside in the bosom of my soul, where I return often, dwell and accept the nectar of thy lips.

Some admittedly exclaim my foolishness – seeking that which cannot recompense. Still under the moon’s luminosity, I wander the damp sand of Cascade Lake. Here in the solitude, we spiritually walk, hoping always the dusk or early morning dew does not erase this old man’s memory of all you’ve brought.

Every breath bears my soul. My inhale is thy exhale and thy body is sweet and fulfilling. Thy kiss, thy caress; thy heart is wealth more than Solomon.

Memory lapses, for standing before God I utter nothing more than you. Is it too much to ask, to nibble upon your lips and feast in thy sanctuary, to gorge on the scent of your body and crave consumption by love’s eternal flame? Ah … dear, you’re my passion, my poetry, the very words of life. And to lie gently, in morning rain, sipping upon thy skin is eternal, quenching and whole before God.

My love … I remain my true and pray we will forever be connected; in stars, in heaven and in time forevermore.

Come my love … Tarry an hour. Tarry a lifetime. Lay with me.