After seeing this story about Mitt Romney’s comments concerning the “47%” I felt upset. I don’t think he quite understands what he is saying. I don’t quite agree with him. Does he really understand the facts?

I am part of this 47% Mitt talks about, but it isn’t by MY choice. I want to pay ALL of my taxes but the truth is that at the end of the year the IRS says we don’t make enough. Then they give us back more than we paid in to begin with. We take this money and catch up on bills just as many of the 47% do.

Have you filled your tank lately or gone to the grocery store Mitt? I’d LOVE to wander around my local food store with you in tow. Explain to me WHY so many prices have doubled over the last year. Tell me how all of these costs are rising yet my pay remains the same.

I sometimes skip meals just to make things work out. I want to be sure my kids are taken care of first. Working a minimum wage job because this is the only work I can find. Do you think they offer insurance? The ones that do offer it, want half of your check a week. Can anyone really afford that?

This country needs someone that can bring this country back to where we once were. We need someone to bring back jobs and the “American Made” brand.. We need someone to lead our country back to #1 amongst our own people.

Don’t just “assume” that because I am in the 47% that I am automatically voting the way you THINK I am.. I am a free person and I love my country. You can put me in any class of people you want but in the end … I AM AMERICAN!!!

Jason Asselin – Iron Mountain, Michigan