I have been meditating for over fifteen (15) years. So I have a lot of experience at it.

Over the course of the last year, I have been combining eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) with ‘Chöd’ (pronounced ‘Chuh’) meditation.  EMDR is a form of psychotherapy that was developed to resolve the development of trauma-related disorders caused by exposure to distressing, traumatizing, or negative life events, such as rape or military combat.

By combining Chöd and EMDR, I have successfully overcome various impediments of my daily life through loving kindness. Rather than struggling against the fragmented aspects of “Self,” this practice is of tremendous importance for me when I am under great duress and need a powerful method to retrieve my own sanity, awareness and wholeness.

The practice of Chöd is said to be an advanced skilful method that enables one to become free of clinging to false notions and beliefs regarding inherent existence of appearances and experiences and therefore of an individual self. Attachment and clinging to a self are forces that give rise to the defilements, which are the source of anguish and pain. Chöd is the practice that enables me to understand emptiness of all appearances that are fit to arise and therefore can be apprehended. It is an exceptional practice. By in truth, anyone can actually perform the Chöd meditation.

While performing Chöd, EMDR music allows me to enhance my brain’s ability to activate all of its areas and effectively allows the left-side of my brain to communicate with the right-side. By using this EMDR (Biolateral Music) and Chöd, I have resurrected an effective self-image, creative problem solving, confidence necessary to be assertive, the ability to regain full functioning after a troubling experience and freedom from unhealthy psychological defenses that impact how I can learn and interact meaningfully.

Check into Chöd. And if you have experienced trauma and need assistance, please see an EMDR therapist.

—————–  EMDR Resources  —————–

If you are in or near New York, David Grand is your go to person. If you are in the Midwest, Dr. Hsin-hsin Huang (David Grand’s protégé) is the best. Together, Mr. Grand and Dr. Huang have been successfully treating television, film and stage actors, professional athletes, business leaders, and survivors of profound traumas, including 9/11, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Sexual Assault, eating disorders and Iraq/Afghanistan combat veterans. Believe it or not, treatment can be done in 12 or less sessions.

Both Dr. Huang and David Grand use EMDR BioLateral music to take advantage of auditory stimulation to produce left/right aural tones, i.e., bilateral stimulation as an alternative to eye movement.