It’s 9:48 AM here in Ocean City, Maryland where I walk the beach in the gentle rain and caressing with the ocean waves.

Some will claim thoughts are like ocean waves, coming and going, with no two waves exactly alike.  Yet, I’ve allowed myself to enjoy the waves, its harmonic balance and tranquility. They bring an awareness to deeper aspects of myself that reside underneath ~ i.e., the waves of my own thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

Sometimes I want to dance upon the waves, cup its energy in my hand and hold onto the softness of beauty reflected in the morning light. I dive into the deep well of water, to a place of peaceful abiding, watching the abundant life underneath the shoreline.

As actress Lynn Chen quoted on her blog, The Actor’s Diet:

“Life is far from perfect for me right now.  This morning my father went in for heart surgery.  There were complications.  I’m still waiting for him to wake up, and to hear what our future will be.”

“Be careful before you put any negativity out into the world, because you never know the full story of what’s going on.  And please, take the time to embrace as much love as you possibly can.  Right now.”

Each person is an ocean; each person is a wave. We can hate or we can love. We can live and we can endure. We can build or destroy.

Today, hereon this beach, in this moment, I choose to share my love with all whom cross my path. I especially give my prayers to Actress Lynn Chen and her father and hope that the oceans of people give comfort and love.