So I just finished watching Falling Skies: Compass. Quite an episode.

After watching the first second and the second season’s first three episodes, I am truly amazed at the grappling of ethics.  Having been a former military member myself, I often think ‘strategy’ much the same as the character Tom Mason. I am believer of thinking things through, looking at various angles and prepare for potential problems (business leaders call it Potential Problem Analysis).

As a Buddhist, I like the character Captain Dan Weaver. If there is anyone who is the most Buddhist, Cap’n Weaver be it. So far, the Cap’n in season two reminds me of the old Shaolin monks, who teach from ever being the aggressor, and instructs him to use only the minimum necessary defensive force. By becoming skilled and have a better understanding of violence, they are able to use sophisticated techniques to avoid harm – but always using only the amount of force needed to refuse the violence that is being offered to them. Now that may be because the have only 17o or so fighters left, but none-the-less, an interesting viewpoint.

As far as the episode ‘Compass,’ one would figure that when Churchill arrives in a plane, that someone would pickup a shortwave radio to see if they could hear anything.  Secondly, all the characters wear the same outfits episode to episodes. So how do they wash their clothes. Lastly, is there a toilet paper truck? I mean the second mass has a food truck, medical truck, ammunition and various others. But Lord above, I would be searching for some toilet paper. 🙂