These past several days I have been in Lubbock, Texas.  I could summarize all the city benefits, but that would only put a nostalgic touch on a day of continuing to place image before feeling.

Being a consultant is very much like being a Buddhist. You constantly live in the moment, aware of the ever present tangibles life will offer.  Every moment of the client, every movement, facial expression, smile, smirk, concern and raised eyebrow is always measured.  The texture of the day, it’s heat, humidity, rain, the paint, the wood decorations, dust, pictures, windows, sunlight, smells and wall space offer small testaments of the inhabitants residing within.

The consultant–client relationship is a never ending dance. It’s a relationship we transcend from courtship and infatuation, to the power struggle, onto a re-evaluation, forward to awareness and finally acceptance.  By living in the moment, I have learned these phases shift quickly and often go unnoticed.

Most never experience the shift and never live in the moment. Thus, our life often spirals toward only positive or negative loss. We live a life where friends are few, relationships last weeks to months and we bury the emptiness of aloneness via a mixed drink and fast food.  We lose ourselves and at the end of the day, we begin the dawn as continual repeat process.

By living in the moment, we can understand the repeated process of our life. By understanding, we can change the process, end the suffering and move toward enlightenment.  Days like this remind me to live in the moment.