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And I Long

You were all
The beauty I ever gazed.
And I long.

You walked upon my street, then vanished.
And sometimes, in the moment, in window reflection
I am startled by your presence presence

Who knows?
Perhaps the same moment was shared by both of us
Yesterday, in the morning, in the evening…
Forever more

Your spirit fulfills
Am beloved by nature
An agape love
Given for only a moment

In this moment
Thy gze without you
In stillness, you are
Every femtosecond I turn
The breeze whispers
Flowers scent
My tongue twisters
The sun sets
This moment
You are here.

In every moment
The maestro chisels
The maestro molds
Cradle, soothe
Embrace, unfold
Love, forgive
A gentle dove
I relive.

Your hair ablaze
Eyes of blue
Thy touch craved
A Blessed hue
Erotic love
From Ehyeh
And angles above
Musical phrase
In this moment
I pray.

Oh love
You are here
In this moment
Of life
In decay
Forever more.

In every moment.

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